re-store  v.  (ri-stohr)

to bring back into existence, use, or the like; reestablish

Synonymsmend, replace, reinstate, rebuild

I feel far more comfortable with the word restore than words like remodel, renovate or revamp.  Perhaps I am splitting hairs, but to bring back into existence 4820 Washington Boulevard puts a big smile on my face.  Everyone notices that the house has good bones, but after spending countless hours there, I can tell you that the house has a good spirit too.  I want to honor that spirit, and lift it up to present itself in every space, inside and out. 

My current plans for restoring have included hiring Mike Usher of Architectural Restoration, Inc. to restore all the French Casement Windows upstairs.  They are, even in the shape they are currently in, one of my favorite elements on the second floor.  They transport me to a different time and place and as I tried to find a product out there that could replace them, I found that there simply is none.  The obvious choice was to restore what was right in front of my eyes, and one of many features that drew me into the house in the first place. 

As I removed the basement panelling, circa 1960’s,  from the walls, I discovered that the wood was in great shape.  Thick, nicely knotted pine.  Perfect for the floors I had envisioned in the den.  After consulting my floor guy, Brian Depp, President of The Great Indoors, we agreed that the panelling could be salvaged, cut into wide planks, distressed, glazed and clear coated, and create a beautiful floor for our new space, where the side porch use to be.  I have also discovered that ALL the wood flooring in the house is top nailed, thus we will follow that process in the den with the knotty pine.  We will lay it unfinished side up, in case you were wondering how that would work.

What looks dated and circa 60’s on the basement walls is going to serve us well on the floor of our new den.

Another element I will be restoring is appropriate to bring up this week, also known as Race Week in Indianapolis.   It is the “race room”.  This vintage race car wallpaper is on all four walls of one of the bedrooms.  It is precious, representative of the time it was hung, and it is going to be cleaned and remain on the walls as a design feature.  Last summer I purchased some mid century metal twin beds and a nightstand, which are perfect match for what will be the ONLY themed room in the house.  My friend, Brooke Johnson posed the question, “Why does a guest room have to be feminine?”  It got me thinking and made the decision much easier to restore this space. 

Vintage Race Car Wallpaper covers the walls in what will become our guest room.

So with restoring on my mind, I will be sharing with you the many ways I will work to  re-establish 4820’s beauty and spirit.