And this one, and this one, and this one too! That is what is happening this week at the house. The Demo crew is tearing down several walls and ceilings, plus taking many spaces down to the studs.

Charlie and I got Chinese takeout last night and my fortune read “IN DREAMS AND IN LIFE, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”. At this moment, my dream house looks a bit more like a nightmare. The outside resembles a tornado ravished area, and the inside is reminiscent of a war zone. I do, however, see that after today, much will begin to take shape.

The Breakfast nook, while precious on the inside and out, was a space that I determined several months ago as impractical. It was getting in the way of me having a large open kitchen. The ceiling was low, the windows were low, it trespassed into the driveway, and by making the decision to take it off, many doors were opened.


The windows were retrieved yesterday, and they will grace my new kitchen space, flanking each side of the sink. The brick will come off this room and many other spaces next week and it will be re-used on the new construction sections of the house. Ironically, when the overhang was cut off to allow room for the dumpster, the workman told me that the wood under the roof was completely saturated with water. My decision was reinforced and I am at total peace with re-building this area.


In the Master Bedroom, the only space we are tearing apart upstairs, two walls of water damage were demolished. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will just leave it at that. But do notice the beautiful windows in this room and imagine how gorgeous they will be fully restored. It is going to be such a great room!



The demo is wrapping up, and so far, only good surprises have come out of tearing down the walls. We found an opening in the basement, where we thought there was a concrete wall. This literally opens up the possibility of having one large room, as opposed to a few smaller ones. There seems to be no termite damage or other structural surprises. We uncovered a cute white hexagon tile in the first floor powder room under the linoleum. This makes my decision as to what to use in the new powder room very easy, as I love to duplicate the original elements in the new spaces.

Another surprise, hidden under all the brush was this mossy bench.  It is beautiful and I love to look at it.