Countless drivers by have slowed down, circled the block for a second look, and even stopped on the curb to simply stare at the unveiled new look of 4820 Washington Boulevard.  It was Man vs. Trees for several days, but Matt and Mike Hoffman finished the job yesterday and I had to share the result of their hard work.

With the Honey Locust Tree in bloom, the house was barely visible.

Year round, the very center of the house, featuring the front porch and columns was all that could be seen from the sidewalk.

Now, the many lovely attributes show off as you drive up to the residence.  The slate roof, the brick detail, the chunky white trim against the red brick, the tiered front yard, all shine as they should.

It makes you wonder what other beauty abounds everywhere we go….if only we look past the clutter.

I can already picture the front of the house next year at this time, with hydrangeas, spirea and knockout roses all in bloom.  Window boxes full of annuals, winking and smiling at anyone who passes a glance.

The side yard is completely shaded, and the porch will be rebuilt as what we will call the den.  The plan is to break through the fireplace, thus creating a see through fireplace.  The den will be a place for quiet (no tv).  A reading place.  A talking place.  A relaxing place.  I visualize using hostas and ferns, some texture of rock and pavers recycled from the existing patio, and a water feature of some sort to be enjoyed from both the den and the patio.  Look here at the before and after.