The Brick has all been removed from the back and side of the house, the foundation  has been dug and concrete poured.  Block is delivered and today it will be layed.  We won’t break through the back walls until the addition is framed, however, breakthroughs have been happening on the other side of the house. 

The guys from Masonry Outfitters broke through the Living Room Fireplace and re-built the firebox to create the new feature which will grace both the Living Room and the Den. 

Simply exposed Brick from the chimney which once lined a side porch.


Outside, the side yard is taking shape.  Remember, this area was cleared when we took down the trees.  Many “weed trees” and brush were crowding the towering maples lining the property.  Since the weather has been cool, I had the carpenters build the fence. 

If Fireplaces and Fences aren’t exciting enough for you….just wait.  There should be more notable changes happening this week.