For those of you who know me, it won’t suprise you that I have a vision for the “decoration” of the house, just as I have for the “design“.

What is the difference?  Well, as I have grown my business as a designer, I have determined that for the most part, design encompasses the permanent. (For lack of a better word, as I know nothing is truly permanent.)  The way a space will look for years to come, the way it will function, it’s usability, as well as the hard materials selected for a home.

Decoration, however, is the emotional part.  Just like emotions change from day to day,  so can our decorations.  Whether it is a centerpiece on a dining table, a wreath on the front door, or the arrangement on built ins…….. decoration changes.  The backdrop, or the design is much more steadfast.

I know I am putting the cart before the horse here, but you must remember…..this house has filled my hopes and dreams for two years now.  So I will cut to the chase…..I bought some furniture.  A lot of furniture actually.

I have pictured a tufted, down filled, comfy yet classy sofa in the sitting room on the West wall.  Raised on legs, french in design, low to the ground in order to clear the windows.  This with a sweet chair or two,  and a coffee table is about all I want in this space.  This is the sofa I had envisioned.

So I was perusing the antiques on Craigslist, quite frankly, looking for a slender dining table to go with the dining chairs I will tell you about in a moment.  I came across this blue/green gem.

Perfect in every way.  Style, structure, condition and price!  I called the lister, Carol, and learned that she was selling what remained of her dad’s estate.  Upon going to pick up the sofa, I fell in love with the perfect three piece coffee table and two caned french chairs so I bought them all.  She explained that the chairs and sofa had been purchased from Block’s in 1961.  The tags were still on the pieces, as was the original upholstery, in incredible condition.

In the 50’s and 60’s, there were details in furniture that I truly appreciate.  These days, it costs and arm and a leg to get the same features on a new piece.  This fact, along with the thrill of the hunt, seems to lead me in the direction of estate sales and antique stores for many items.  I can choose the perfect fabric and have the pieces  masterfully fluffed, buffed and upholstered to my specifications.  Custom to the core!

Now for those dining chairs.

Our new dining room is going to be smaller than we have ever had before.  Roughly 10 x 14.  For this reason, I sold my cherished oversized dining set, knowing it would overpower the new space.  I envisioned a slim, long table with the legs tucked underneath.  Like a two pedestal table, or a trestle table.  Comfy side chairs and two more substantial host and hostess chairs.  I picked up eight of these upholstered reproduction french chairs a couple weeks ago.  I think they will work nicely in the space, and they are oh so versatile.

Carol sold me these blue chairs and they may work nicely at the ends of the table of my dreams, or they are super side chairs for many other areas of the house.  They will be painted (except for the brass details) and reupholstered to whatever my emotions dictate.

I tend to strike while the iron is hot, and this, I believe was one wise set of  purchases.