I figured since the framers have been busily framing the addition part of the house in temperatures ranging from 95 to 105 degrees, the least I could do is blog about it.  The side and back of the house house have been wide open for a couple weeks now, and when I mean open, I mean OPEN.  Like rooms just chopped off!


The ceiling joists in the sitting room, shown above, ended up running the wrong way to support the bathroom which will be built on top, so it was stripped down to the two walls you see standing. The ceiling will now be a foot higher in this room, bringing it up to 9 foot, the same as the rest of the first floor.  Rest assured, this room has been re-framed and the room on top is being built, likely as you read this.

The old breakfast room foundation was squared off, enabling us to build out and use the space for what will be a long sink run.  The leaded glass windows, orininal to the angled room, will flank the sink base. 


The den, or former porch got it’s windows installed too!  And a french slider, which I love like I never knew I could love a french slider.


Oh….and the attached garage.  It came together beautifully and the thought of pulling in and being a wall and a few steps away from the house is thrilling.  A mainstay for suburbanites, but a rarity for the urban sect. 

There is this little area I am calling the “friends and family door”.  I get a lot of crazy looks when I refer to it as such.  It has always been my dream to have a spot like this, where kids will be dropped off and picked up, where family enters when they visit, and where friends approach smiling.  Not because I don’t want friends and family to come to the front door and through the foyer, but because I know that this area will be where the action is. It provides a view and entrance to so many other fun parts of the house and a long with the kitchen, will be the true heart of the home.


It is fun to see the house take shape. I have been measuring every inch in each and every space in order to plan the next step, which is framing the inside.  These wide open rooms will fill up quickly with storage, bathrooms, cabinets, appliances, and of course, furniture!   

After measuring tonight, I took one more stroll around the property, and discovered a new friend.  This baby bunny has apparently made its home under our dumpster.  It was friendly and accomodating.  Letting me snap this picture to show you.