One of the reasons we chose Steve Sears to work as GC on this remodel was that he is not set on building and finishing plan until a decision absolutely has to be made. This is typically a few minutes before the work needs to be done.  His philosophy fits nicely with my “wait and see” approach as I don’t like to spend a lot of time on decisions until all the factors to make the decisions are presented. 

On 4820 Washington Boulevard we have made a lot of changes as we have gone along.  The back patio will now be considerably larger than planned, based on how the scale of everything in the back turned out.  I explained to Howard that no one has ever said “My patio is just too big!”  We also made the kitchen a couple feet bigger in order to use the original foundation of the breakfast nook as opposed to digging an entirely new foundation.

In addition, we have created a somewhat elaborate entry into the Sitting Room from the Living Room, mainly for the purpose of hiding the HVAC and plumbing leading up to the new Master Suite. 

There was a concrete wall where you see the gouge in the foreground.

The concrete support in the basement has been removed, allowing for a wide open space down there.  I also carved out a 10 x 12 office space in the basement that I had not really planned on.  It is going to be a nice tucked away spot just for me and all the “stuff” I need to house. 

I am sure that when many of you read that I planned to upcycle the pine panelling in the basement into flooring for the den, you cringed, or scratched your head, or generally thought I was crazy. (See Restorative Power entry)  Well, it is done and I think it turned out grande.  Just the warmth and feel and casualness I wanted in the room.  In the end, the cost savings is minimal. About $1.50 a square foot saved.  The reward of being resourceful and using something that would have gone into a dumpster and having it under our feet  however, is priceless.

Right now the plan to finish the pine is to hand sand it, then distress it, and wax it with a slight tone.  We will see how it turns out in a couple months.

Back in the Spring, I was perusing Craigslist late at night.  A listing for six old doors, reclaimed from the Adams Mark Hotel, Downtown Indianapolis came up.  The Main Dining Room was being remodelled and an employee of the hotel offered to take the beautiful, heavy, large doors.  She listed the six doors on Craigslist for $300 and I was quick to snatch them up.  They were the EXACT doors I had envisioned on my built in china cabinets in the Dining Room.  They are five feet tall and two feet wide.  Two together will form a nice arched pair of doors.  They are very French and already distressed and just perfect.  These cabinets will flank the entry from the Dining Room to the kitchen.  While they will provide tons of storage for many beautiful things, they will also serve as the only furniture, other than the table and chairs in the is room, so they have to be very special.  Here is my vision, minus the hardware.

I promise that so much time will not go between postings from here on out.  We have been travelling and enjoying summer and visiting family the past few weeks and my focus has been on staying on top of all the decisions needing to be made.  With school starting next week, I should have much more time to write.