I love it when a plan comes together and the product is something that wakes my emotions and gives me a sense of accomplishment.  That happened this week both inside and outside the house. 

After much debate over shape, size, pattern, tiered or not tiered, color, etc. of the back patio, we decided on a plan and entrusted Ron Heck to implement it.  As I told Howard, “My patio is just too big” is not a common complaint of homeowners, so we extended the originally planned footprint a few feet and now we have two tiers of what I am affectionately referring to as “the Party Patio”.  Instead of the columns being the end of the slate stamped concrete, they dive into the center and the patio connects the old and new in a beautiful and usable way.

The concrete came out of the truck dyed a beautiful deep grey and before and after stamping, a green “release” or powder dye was thrown on it.  Once dry, the concrete was washed and sealed and the result is a near match to the slate roof on the house.  Textured, dimensional, graphic and comfortable. 

Inside, the house  the interior brick wall which houses the fireplace on the den side was trimmed out by the trim carpenters who will be bringing many of my designs to life.  I love variety and dimension in trim and I believe the handsome fireplace surround has truly made this room cozy, complex, and useful. 

The bookshelves flanking the mantle will hold many books and really beef up the wall.  The strong horizontal trim in the center will be duplicated as the crown mold in this room.  It is rounded, with a rope design.  Bold and wide. 

On the other side of the fireplace, (the Living Room Side), the carpenters have already started the process of trimming out the surround, plus the two entryways to the Den.  If you like what we did in the Den, just wait until the Living Room is done.  It is brilliant!