Call it what you will.   Being overly anxious for fall planting, jumping the gun on the timing of our project, or being proactive and efficient.  Even though we will not be planting anything for a couple weeks, I couldn’t resist the fourteen Limelight Hydrangeas I picked up at Seasons Gardens in Fishers this week.  I had searched in my area for a nursery that had at least ten of the same plant in stock, and the most I could find was six.  I needed at least five flanking each side of the house in the front.  I actually stopped at Seasons because some water features and bench bases caught my eye when I drove by on my way to a client’s in Fishers.  As I perused their stock, they had exactly what I needed in the way of three large Knock out Roses and not just ten, but fourteen hydrangeas.

I knew when I placed them in front of the house that I had made the perfect decision.  The bright green blooms will look gorgeous against the red brick and white trim next Spring/Summer.  In the fall, when the blooms turn a pinker hue, the varied colors of the brick will be picked up.

Later this week, excavation and grading of the yard will begin.  A watering system is in our future, and once that and our new front porch and walk are poured, we will be in business for grass and landscape planting.  It is an exciting and beautiful time of year!

The Limelight variety of Hydrangea is hearty, and the lovely gal at the nursery said that I had winners in these plants.  I will fertilize them now, and as soon as I get them in the ground I will sadly cut off the blooms and focus on establishing deep root growth.