All the new construction of the house is painted.  When Ricardo, the paint guru asked, “What color are you painting?” I said “white”.  “What color white?”, he asked.  “Bright White”, I said.  “Bright White?”, he asked again.  “No tint.  Just white?”  “Yes”, I said.  “No tint, bright white, off the shelf white!”

Some may find this boring or uncreative, but let me tell you……  When you are making dozens of decisions a week, this one is a no brainer.  White, out of the can white, is always a match.  In years to come, when touch ups are needed, there will be no worry about whether the paint mixed today will match the paint sprayed years before.  Not to mention that Bright White looks great!  No yellow or grey tint to make the brick go pink or orange.  The black accents pop against it, and just wait until you see what the colorful landscape does with the white next Spring!

In case you don’t remember what the side porch, now the Den, looked like before, I will gladly refresh your memory.  The South side of the house is now occupied by a REAL room.  One which is beautiful on the inside and out. Driving North on Washington Boulevard, this happy, substantial, window filled room catches your eye and gets your attention. 



Notice that the front window was centered on the front of the room.  I like symmetry, so we changed the column layout from the original.  Half columns flank the window now, rather than using two full columns on the left and one half column on the right.  It looks good, and right, and like it was always there. The back is coming along as well.  The Master Bath addition was painted, and looks a bit out of scale right now, but once the drive and yard go in, I believe it will be more fitting.  At ground level, this back area is truly superb.  The patio, columns, garage detail, and soon to be hardscape surrounding all of these will create a welcoming and functional space. 

The paint work was not without casualty.  This sweet butterfly must have been attracted to the glaring new white board and became implanted on the North Wall of the kitchen.    She is beautiful, just like the new exterior!