We hit a big wall this week.  Not the typical wall hit about this time in a project, as the end is near, but oh so far.  Rather, a real wall.  A retaining wall along the North side of the yard, bordering the drive. 

Last week I was bound and determined to unearth the layers of ground cover in the front of the house. While digging, pulling, yanking, cutting and discarding English Ivy, Euonymus, weeds, and roots, I discovered that there were layers of field stone bordering the yard. 

As a reminder, this is what this side looked like before excavation.

Ironically, I had planned to use the field stone harvested from the back to create interest and a border on both ends of the yard.  Not stacked, like you see in so many new landscapes, but rather “diving into” the ground, as if they had been there for years. 

Upon further investigation, there were a total of four layers of stone stacked on this edge.  Please understand now…….this wall was not just covered by the ground cover mentioned above.  It was BURIED beneath decades of eroded soil, packed down like cement.   At one time, the base layer was level with the drive, but after many layers of asphalt, it is almost four inches below the crumbling driveway.

So this new project emerged.  Digging, scraping, sweeping, washing and uncovering this rock border.   It was very satisfying work.  So much so that Howard joined in and gladly picked up where I had left off.  We had a similiar border/retaining wall at our former house.  I know we will get so much more satisfaction from this one, as we fondly remember how we worked together to uncover it, preserve it, and give it a chance to shine!