This week has been full of BIG changes at the house. While Monday and Tuesday involved “putting it back together”, last week was all about taking it apart, so I suppose I should start there.

Scott and Chip from Concrete Finishing Inc. carefully removed the old front porch and walk a week ago to make room for the framing of the new concrete.

The view from the front door. Steady……..

Subtle changes in design included dropping the front porch two inches, changing the large “rug” design to a single diamond in the center of the pad, and extending the first step all the way across the front of the porch. Generally speaking though, the area is in keeping with the original footprint.

All framed up and ready to pour.

They poured not only the front area, but the side porch and step as well. Completing these jobs meant we could move forward with the yard!

My Dad came to visit for a couple days and was able to see some quick progress during his stay in Indianapolis.

Monday, the equipment was brought in to grade the front and back, re-mold the tiered front yard, and lay grass seed. Yesterday, the landscapers came and artistically placed the stone on the South side, forming a natural path. They also placed many of the large slabs along the garage to form a walk leading from the front door to the drive. They finished by digging many beds and planting the items I had chosen for the front. The dark mulch is a nice contrast to the green plants, and it is a joy to see something done in the yard, after looking at something close to a junk yard for many months.

We are expecting excellent conditions for grass growth in the upcoming week. A bit of rain, warm days, cool nights. Perhaps we will have some grass in a couple weeks!

Pat and Joe, the carpenter team extraordinaire, finished trimming the porch with the original six columns and dental molding on the inside and outside. They also put together the new large window boxes for the front of the house and the small ones for the sides of the garage.

Stay tuned to see what is happening on the inside, and let me tell you….it is good stuff.