Most every “old” surface of the house has been scraped or sanded, and will soon be finished to new splendor.  I started on the exterior paint weeks ago.  Extracting old caulk around the windows and sills, removing paint with the heat gun, and sanding down in preparation for new paint.  The front door threshold had no less than twelve layers of paint.  Every color you can imagine.  The painters sanded the inside trim, new and old, and now the floors have been stripped of all past grime, odor and who knows what else, revealing beautiful “like new” oak flooring. 

The trim in the majority of the house has been painted, bringing back to life the beautiful doors through out the place.  The new trim came together in the most lovely way as soon as the final sanding was complete and the painters sprayed everything white. 

Paint pulls it all together.

Tomorrow, the final sanding will be done on the floors and the finish will be applied Tuesday.  At that point we will be ready to move in, and just in the nick of time, as the movers arrive at our rental Wednesday morning.

Since so much has happened since my last post, I suppose I should back up. 

The big win last week was that the Power Company finally came out and hooked up our new service to the permanent meter.  This meant that all the workers could stop working from extension cords hooked to the temporary pole, and we could use the lights in the house.  Important, since the sun is rising late and setting early.  We also turned on the heat which was needed for the finishes to cure. 

Not two minutes after the hook up was complete and the utility truck pulled out, the concrete truck arrived and in two days the driveway was finished. Super for dirt control and to know that we will be able to pull in when we move in is a big win!  Charlie likes his huge basketball court too. 

Cabinets have been set and Countertops are ordered and the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming more and more clear.  Remember….this as a six month project, which began May 21.  If we are complete by Thanksgiving, the timing goal will have been met. 

Outside, the lawn is green.  The front side is likely going to need to be mowed in a week’s time.  The back just germinated a few days ago, so it will be doing well to grow a bit before the first hard freeze.  As grass grows around the new rock path, it looks as if it could have been there for years and years. 

The back view now

Not too long ago, this was the same view.

The  much needed exterior paint job should wrap up this week.  This will bring bright light to the front porch, which was completely re-constructed last month.   The other original painted features outside are in desperate need as well, and when it is all done, I will happily fill the window boxes with Fall decorations.  What an exciting week ahead!