imageWhew!  The last month may have aged me ten years, but the house is looking considerably younger.  It his hard to believe we moved five weeks ago, but it is true.  The movers brought our stuff to 4820 Washington Boulevard on Halloween.  So much was unfinished in the house that we lived “bare bones” for a couple weeks.  I delayed any new furniture deliveries, as the dust was still flying and workers needed space to complete their projects.

But in the last couple weeks the house has really become more like home.  My vision of the spaces are being brought to life with rugs, furniture, lighting and accessories.   The supplies from the garage are dwindling as the rooms get decked out as I have been planning for over six months.  Boxes which were packed last winter remain untouched.  A clear indication that much of what we own is unneeded.

I know pictures are desired by my loyal blog readers.  And they will come.  I think I know where the bag is located that contains my camera.  The ipad pics simply don’t do the subjects justice.  Since this house has been somewhat like a book, I am going to treat several future blogs like chapters.  Going through room by room.  Showing before and after shots and telling the story of how it got from there to here.  Today is a beautiful sunny day, so my first subject may just be the outside.  So stay tuned.  In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of one little room, which is pretty much complete.