To think I wanted this house so badly when it looked like it did last Spring is sort of hilarious. Except I see the world in possibilities, so I never really saw 4820 Washington Boulevard as this picture portrays. I was able to see everything you see in this picture, but my mind tends to break things down into pieces and parts. Those pieces and parts, along with my vision for what it could be, is what I saw when I looked at this image.

4820 Frontb4 001

I saw the unique window assortment of french casements on the second floor and doube hung on the first. Double hung with solid glass on the bottom and true divided panes on the top. I saw six columns on the front porch welcoming visitors and walkers by. I saw a stark contrast between the white trim and the red brick. I saw the slate roof, the window boxes, the wide yard, the precioius wrought iron ballustrades, and the Spring Welcoming dogwoods. The tiered yard, the center walk, the tall shade providing trees along the South Side. The long driveway leading back to the large back yard.

Mostly I saw a house that needed love and attention, and here is what the love we have given this house has produced. As you can see, I have decorated the outside for Christmas, which is one of my greatest joys each December. Thanks to the Boy Scouts for all the natural wreaths and to my mom for a bunch of her fresh Holly cuttings.