We have been waiting for a big snow to enjoy the view from the Den on the South Side of the house. It came today in the form of a windy Blizzard. The ground was covered when we woke up and throughout the day, Old Man Winter dumped several inches on Central Indiana. Howard has been looking forward to sitting in the room, windows on three sides and a fireplace in the center, and bask in the whiteness of it all.

Had someone told me that I would have a room painted entirely white, I would not have believed them. Until this room transformed from a dingy side porch to a retreat room. A place to put your feet up and get away from it all. The room to read in, chat in, relax in, all while being surrounded by the outdoors. I wanted nature to be the color in this room, as three sides are windows. Ever changing, ever natural color is what we will see as one season fades or blooms into the next.

The furniture here is a mix of natural yellows, greens and linen, with a splash of pink for a bit of drama. I counter-acted the slightly feminine with more masculine wood treatments. On the floor is the recycled pine and on the fireplace is a handsome, simple, molding. I ended up letting the floors get naturally distressed and the day before the furniture arrived, I cleaned them well and applied a coat of Watco Danish Oil in Rich Walnut. The color is warm and rich and accents the subtle dings, dents and scratches provided by months of wear and tear.

The sofa is a soft corduroy/chenille and is comfortable, big and welcoming. The transitional chairs are swivel, high armed chairs and can be moved from room to room if extra seating is needed. In the front window I placed a small writing desk and a Parsons chair. From the sofa, there is a view out the front, to the South side and to the entire back yard. The columns on the front porch and on the back porch can be enjoyed at the same time as the roaring fire in the fireplace and the goings on outside in the neighborhood.

Small rooms can be so comforting, cozy and relaxing, and this one is all of those. It is made to feel a great deal larger though, as it opens up to the outdoors and to the large Living Room through the cased openings and the double sided fireplace. Lamplight and sconces are the only lighting in the den. Somehow I felt that an overhead light or cans would damage the intimacy this room possesses.

So call me crazy, but the snow was a great excuse to sit in this room most of the day, this day after Christmas. I felt connected to what was happening outside but cocooned in the warmth of our new home all at the same time. The Den delivered what we had expected from it. Comfort and Joy.